Free Online ACT Test Prep

There are many excellent websites available to help you improve your ACT scores.  The following is a list of great sites that are free and will provide you with opportunities to practice, review, learn and test in preparation for taking or re-taking the ACT test.

MOREnet Test Prep

  1. In the Education box, select “High School.”

  2. Select “Online Practice Tests.”

  3. Select “College Admissions Test Preparation,” then “Prepare for Your ACT Test.”

  4. Select “Sign In/Register” from the menu at the top of the page. You must use your school email address to register. You must register while on a school computer at MHS. Once you've registered, you can access the site from any location.

On the left-hand column, click on "ACT Practice Test".  Next, scroll down until you see "Test Directory".  Under that heading, "ACT Video Review" is a great learning tool.  Clicking on that link will take you to a page with links to videos for each pf the content areas for English, Math, Reading and Science.  Choose your subject area and click on that link.  From there, you will find many videos organized by skill which makes it very easy to find a video that will help you learn the material for weak areas.

Under the Test Directory heading, you will also see a heading for "Self-Assessment Modules". These modules are organized by either Math or English and provide practice questions, an answer key and explanations for the correct answers.

This is another easy to use website that can provide great practice for improving your scores on the ACT.  You will first need to create a free account.  Once logged in, choose the ACT tab where you will find links for English, Math, Reading, Science and Test Tips.  Choose one and click on the link.  There will be a general information page about that portion of the test and from there, you may page through at your own pace to read about each section, learn what terms mean, learn about tips for that section and practice.  This site has practice tests and a great vocabulary builder as well.  You can track your progress and see how your progress compares with others who are also working on this site.

This site has links for practice tests and for problem-solving videos.  The videos would be a great addition to any of the other sites you may choose to use.

This is a site to help improve your vocabulary.  Once on the site, click on SAT Prep and Assessment.  On that page, scroll down towards the bottom and you will see links for Tests 13-17 that are specifically tied to the ACT vocabulary.  In addition to these specific tests, there is a drop-down menu on the top of each page that is worth checking out.  The last drop-down is Test Prep.  By clicking on that, you can choose ACT Test Prep.  That will take you to five different vocabulary tests to see how you're doing.