​Information needed for your FAFSA application (for Class of 2021 seniors):

  • Student and Parent social security numbers

  • Student and Parent 2019 federal income tax returns and W-2s

  • Student and Parent most recent bank statement and records of investments Records of untaxed income (if applicable)

  • An FSA ID (get yours NOW at https://fsaid.ed.gov). It’s much quicker if you have the FSA ID before you begin filling out your FAFSA.

​FAFSA.gov...the official FAFSA site to visit to fill out a FAFSA Application. Seniors can fill this out beginning October 1.

fsaid.ed.gov...each student and one parent must have an FSA ID to submit the FAFSA. You should create your FSA ID before beginning the FAFSA.

NCMC Financial Aid Resources Page...includes Federal Student How-To Videos and lots of other easy to understand information. Provided by North Central Missouri College, but a fabulous resource for any student attending any institution.

What is the FAFSA and how does it work?....a description of what the FAFSA can do for you.

8 Steps to Filling Out the FAFSA.....a site with answers to many FAFSA questions that you might have. Covers the what, why, and when details about the FAFSA and financial aid.

Missouri Student Loans, Scholarships, and Grants....a site that provides more detailed financial aid information for Missouri high school students  who will attend a Missouri college or university.