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Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?
Through Maryville High School's dual credit courses, a student may earn college credit through classes taken at Maryville High School.  All course offerings are entry level and taught by high school faculty members with advanced degrees, who have been approved by the university.  Course content is comparable to the on-campus course and has been developed in cooperation with university professors who are liaisons for the program.

What are the eligibility requirements for Dual Credit?
To be eligible for dual credit a student must have a cumulative 
GPA of 3.0 or GPA of 2.5 with an ACT or PreACT score of 21 or 2.5 GPA and CPI of 100.  ACT Superscores can be used to meet this standard. Students scoring below this level can still apply and their applications are considered on an individual basis. Additionally, there are ACT subscore requirements and/or recommendations for specific dual credit courses as listed here:

  • Composition I: ACT or PreACT English subscore of 18

  • General Statistics : ACT or PreACT Math subscore of 22 OR 3.0 GPA

  • PreCalculus Algebra (College Algebra)  ACT or PreACT Math subscore of 22 OR 3.0 GPA

  • PreCalculus: ACT or PreACT Math subscore of 22 OR 3.5 GPA

  • Calculus: ACT or PreACT Math subscore of 27 OR completion of dual credit precalculus

If minimum subscores are not met, students may qualify using an alternate method.  See your school counselor for details.

Can I qualify for dual credit by using my PreACT score instead of an ACT score?
Students may enroll in dual credit with a composite score of 21 on the PreACT. Students may use whichever score benefits them the most. The ACT Superscore can also be used.

How much is tuition for Dual Credit Courses?
Dual credit is a discounted rate of normal NWMSU Undergraduate Tuition.  For the 2020-21 school year, the dual credit tuition is $97 per credit hour ($107 per credit hour for online courses).

Will Dual Credit transfer to other colleges/universities?
Students must contact  the university they plan to attend to find out if and how the Northwest credits would be received.  Most universities have this information available on their website under Transfer Student Information or Transfer Course Equivalency.  You will need to use the Northwest Course Title and Course Number listed here.

Are there online dual credit courses available?
Each semester, there are online dual credit courses offered through Northwest Missouri State University. These offerings are dependent upon meeting minimum enrollment numbers, and vary from semester to semester. For more information, see your school counselor, or visit the 
Northwest online dual credit website to examine online course offerings. 

MHS Course Title

Composition & British Lit

College Statistics

College Algebra


AP Calculus



College Biology

Human Biology

US Since 1877

Western Civilization

French III

French IV

Spanish III

Spanish IV

Business Technology

American Popular Music

Animal Science

Teaching Professions I

​Teaching Professions II

NWMSU Course Title/Number and Credit Hours

Composition I (10-111)         3 hours

General Statistics (17-114)    3 hours

Precalculus Algebra (17-118)    3 hours

​PreCalculus (17-117)            5 hours

Calculus I (17-120)                4 hours

Gen Phys I/Lab (25-110/111)    4 hours

Gen Chem I/Lab (24-114/115)    4 hours

Gen Biology/Lab (04-102/103)    4 hours

Medical Terminology (04-104)     3 hours

The United States Since 1877 (33-156)    3 hours

Western Civilization II (26-103)        3 hours

French I (14-131)        3 hours

French II (14-132)      3 hours

Spanish I (14-141)    3 hours

Spanish II (14-142)    3 hours

Computers and Information Technology (44-130)    3 hours

American Popular Music (19-222)    3 hours

AGS 101 (Missouri State University)     3 hours

MO Western EDU 202 3 hours, MO Western EDU 203 1 hour

MO Western EDU 308 3 hours, MO Western EDU 225 3 hours

NWMSU Dual Credit Website

MHS Dual Credit MHS AP Classes