College Visit Form

Students are allowed two excused college visit days as a senior and one excused college visit day as a junior.  In order for the absence to not count against a student's attendance, the form below must be fully completed and returned to the high school counselor's office at least two days before the date of the absence.  The student must also return a completed "Post-secondary Visit Verification form" to the school counselor the day following the visit.  Failure to do so may result in an unexcused absence.

​Click HERE for the College Visit Form.

Steps to make sure the college visit does not count against your attendance:
1.  Get a college visit form.  You can print one from here, get one from the counseling office, or from the main high school office.
2.  Complete the form, including teacher initials for each class period, parent and student signature.
3.  Turn in the form at least two days before your absence.
3.  Attend the college visit, making sure to have a college official sign your verification form.
4.  Turn in signed form to the high school counseling office the next day.